Holiday Sex Guide Advantages.

Advertisements are displayed on multiple Webpages.

This enables that your potential customers seeing your Advertisement in a tailored way.
This will increase your Site exposure, create greater website traffic and better search engine placement of your website listing ...and of course....more customers.

Escorts by Country, Region, City.

Links are stored in the HSG Network with the location information: Country, Country Region and Country City.

For each of each the 124 listed Countries HSG has a own dedicated webpage which makes it easier for potential customers to find the information they are looking for.

As an example an Advertisement for 'Amsterdam':

An Escort link for 'Amsterdam' will appear on the Holland Webpage (country), on the Amsterdam Webpage (city) and on the Noord Holland (region Webpage). Plus on the 'Global VIP Escorts' Page.

Holland Escorts Amsterdam Escorts Noord Holland Escorts Global VIP Escorts

Listed on extra Category Pages.

Most Links are also listed on so called Category Webpages too.
Easy selection for Users if they looking for specific nightlife category e.g. Cathouses, Gay, Strip Clubs,...

Cathouses Global VIP Escorts Ladyboys Male, Gay Escorts Massage Parlors Misc. Links Mistresses Night Clubs Resorts Strip Clubs Swinger Clubs

Twitter live updates.

Links added to the HSG Escorts database are also automatic published on the HSG Twitter page.

Designed for all Internet devices.

HSG is optimized for the display on Mobile, Tablet, TV's and on regular PC/Laptops.

Over 30 Country Escort sites are fed by HSG.

The HSG Escorts database data also feds a growing number of external Webpages.

This increases the exposure for our Advertisement partners to reach their potential customers.

Holiday Sex guide over 100 countries listed

Several new HSG Network Sites are currently in beta and will be available soon.

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