Advertising at HSG.

HSG offers you several great possibility to get your business being found

HSG is build for the adult audience to find easy information to adult services offered in specific area.

Focused on business, leisure travellers and also on local Residents.

'Banners' and 'Featured Links' Ads are set up to be displayed with each page impression.

Country, City, and State HSG Pages:

Holiday Sexguide Main / Entry Page:

Roadblock / Header Banners

We offer the top header spots on all Country and Niche pages.
These advertisment spaces are unique and there will be no banner rotation in place.

The Header Banner space is unique and owned exclusive for the booked ad time.

  • Header Banner on specific country pages.

  • Header Banner on Niche pages.

Content Banners

You can choose if the Banner will be displayed on-top, between or on the bottom of the regular text links.

Featured Links

Featured Links are text links, including a 60x60 image, which will be displayed before all regular text links.

Entry / Index Page Banner

This is the premium banner advertisment space on the Main/Entry page of HSG.